Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Full Collapse Libretto

Photo by Kellie Smith
Here is the entire libretto for COLLAPSE, written for Timur and the Dime Museum!

The lyrics for each song were posted during the weeks preceding the world premiere at REDCAT, and below are links to each of those posts. Each one includes a relevant Wikipedia link and/or online video.

Click on a song title to see the lyrics for that song.


1. INTROIT: Ecophagy

2. KYRIE: God Damn the Atlantic Salmon

3. GRADUAL: The House of Moloch

4. TRACT: Pacific Gyre Holiday

     a. Demon Chora
     b. Onkalo
     c. Yucca Flat Thistle Tea

6. CREDO: Cobalt Blues

7. OFFERTORY: Leviathan in Excelcis

8. SANCTUS: Honeybee, Come Home

9. AGNUS DEI: Fertilize My Heart

10. LUX AETERNA: The Hour of the One and Only

11. LIBERA ME: Heat, Beat, and Treat

12. IN PARADISUM: Chora, Adored

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