Sunday, March 23, 2014

COLLAPSE pt. 8 - Sanctus

Timur and the Dime Museum will premiere my new piece, COLLAPSE, at REDCAT on March 27-29!

Go to the REDCAT website for tickets

For the days leading up to the premiere, I'll be posting the libretto for COLLAPSE, one song at a time.

COLLAPSE part 8: Sanctus

Tonight we dance long distance
Even if all history is against us
The queen is dead forever after
Prepare yourself for the next big world disaster
because it's coming on


Honeybee, come home
You fled these flowers in the gloaming
I never meant to hurt you
so, honeybee, come home

GMO in ecstasy and not a stitch to wear
All pistil and stamen but not a bird or bee to share

So beekeeper, beekeeper
Find me a hive
All this corn and soy
We'll never survive

without your debonaire aplomb
so, honeybee, come home

And we will
Round Up the monoculture
Round Up the extorted farms
Round Up the Gujarati BT Cotton Farmers gone

Round Up the poisoned water
Round Up the GMO's
Round Up the proprietary sterile seeds we try to sow

And drop them in a dustbowl,
A melting pot of honeycomb
I never meant to hurt you
so, honeybee, come home

There is poison in the flowers
saboteurs inside the hive
the honey's turned against us
if you want to survive
you'd better run

I'll meet you in Gibraltar
or see you in Tangier
Find you in Dakota
Anywhere but here
You'd better run


We will
Round Up the monoculture

You are a goddess of the pharaohs
As you stroll from comb to comb.
I never meant to hurt you
so, honeybee, come home

© 2014 by Daniel Corral

Wikipedia says:
Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive or European honey bee colony abruptly disappear. While such disappearances have occurred throughout the history of apiculture, and were known by various names, the syndrome was renamed colony collapse disorder in late 2006 in conjunction with a drastic rise in the number of disappearances of Western honeybee colonies in North America.
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