Thursday, March 20, 2014

Collapse pt. 5 - Dies Irae (2/3)

Timur and the Dime Museum will premiere my new piece, COLLAPSE, at REDCAT on March 27-29!

Go to the REDCAT website for tickets

For the days leading up to the premiere, I'll be posting the libretto for COLLAPSE, one song at a time.

COLLAPSE part 5: Dies Irae (2/3)

It's in the water
It's in the soil
It's in the air
It's in your bones

Touches everything.
It's everywhere you are now

Save our souls
for now
We don't care how

alpha, beta, gamma
wide awake in this half-life
drifting towards delta
forgotten in time

Will outlive you and me

Entombed in salt mines
Turned into glass
Diluted in the ocean
Buried in the past

It is not dying.

Touches everything.

It's everywhere you are now

© 2014 by Daniel Corral

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