Thursday, March 27, 2014

COLLAPSE pt. 12 - Chora, Adored

Timur and the Dime Museum will premiere my new piece, COLLAPSE, at REDCAT on March 27-29!

Go to the REDCAT website for tickets

COLLAPSE premieres tonight at REDCAT! Here is the last part of the libretto for COLLAPSE.

COLLAPSE part 12: In Paradisum

Sheets of ice under endless night
But don’t think twice, it’s all right

You and me,
we're already gone
and life goes on and on and on and on
it is not dying

The chora, adored by the sunlight shining
No symbols or signs or labyrinths unwinding
The semiotic stars aligning,
The chora, adored without ending

All language disowned as the silence grows
Like rolling stones under glacial flows

Clean and cold
Steady and quiet
old as time
it is not dying

The chora, adored in the earth core burning
no signals, or signs, or 4-minute warnings
The semiotic stars keep on burning,
The chora, adored, has finally unlearned us

And all I want
And all I need
Is you

And all I have
And all I need
Is you

© 2014 by Daniel Corral

Wikipedia says:
Khôra (Khora or Chora; Ancient Greek: χώρα) is a philosophical term described by Plato in Timaeus as a receptacle, a space, or an interval. It is neither being nor nonbeing but an interval between in which the "forms" were originally held. Khôra "gives space" and has maternal overtones (a womb, matrix).

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