Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Notations 24: Fraser and Streb

Here's the twenty-fourth installment of Notations! Inspired by Cage's 1969 bookNotations is a collection of graphic scores, hand drawn music calligraphy, computer code, compositional sketches, text scores, and other innovative forms of musical notation.

Every Monday we'll showcase notation by two different composers (Tuesday this week...), primarily focusing on those local to Los Angeles. This week's composers are Paul Fraser and Cassia Streb. All images are used with permission, and copyright is retained by each piece's respective creator. Click on the images to see a larger view.

SPASM+V3 by Paul Fraser

Paul Fraser is a composer, producer, sound designer and sound artist whose work ranges from animation projects to site-specific installations to music for theater and computer speakers. He has scored, sound designed and mixed web series, shorts and advertisements for Funny or Die, Cartoon Hangover, Newsweek, Whole Foods and Shut Up! Cartoons. Fraser writes electronic, orchestral, choral, chamber and pop music, ranging in styles from ambient to dance to experimental. He is influenced by lo-fi sensibilities, timbre experimentation and rhythmic complexity. Fraser often collaborates with Los Angeles-based idea automaton, Machine Project, and his work has been featured at the Getty Center (LA), New York City Electroacoustic Festival, REDCAT (LA), Skirball Cultural Center (LA), the New Children's Museum (San Diego), The Hammer Museum (UCLA), among others. He received an MFA in Composition at CalArts in 2011 and lives in Los Angeles.

More info at paulfrasermusic.com

from The Coincidence Problem by Cassia Streb

Cassia Streb is a Los Angeles-based violist, improviser and composer. She is active in the field of contemporary and experimental music, performs regularly as a soloist and a chamber musician, and collaborates with a variety of artists from many disciplines. She performs with the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, the California EAR Unit, Wadada Leo Smith’s Silver Orchestra and Guthrie & Streb. Cassia is also sought after as a soloist, particularly for her interpretation of modern scores and microtonal works, and she collaborates with many artists from the fields of electronic music, western classical instruments and composes for theatre, dance and film. She has commissioned and performed a number of works by both established and emerging composers and she has worked closely with a range of artists including Christian Wolff, James Tenney, Michael Pisaro Jurg Frey, John Zorn, Morton Subotnik, Mark Trayle, Radu Malfatti and many others. Cassia holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Victoria and a Masters’ degree from the California Institute of the Arts.

More info at cassia-streb.com

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