Monday, November 4, 2013

Notations 16: Klopfleisch and Lerew

Here is the sixteenth installment of Notations! Inspired by Cage's 1969 bookNotations is a collection of graphic scores, hand drawn music calligraphy, computer code, compositional sketches, text scores, and other innovative forms of musical notation.

Every Monday we'll showcase notation by two different composers, primarily focusing on those local to Los Angeles. This week's composers are James Klopfleisch and Todd Lerew. All images used with permission, and copyright is retained by each image's respective creator. Click on the images to see a larger view.

The Virgin Joke by James Klopfleisch

James Klopfleisch is an experimental composer/performer currently living in Los Angeles. His work lies on the fault line between music + performance/event, realizing itself somewhere between the framing of sound in time and the overlapping of musical context with the structures of colloquial observation habits. He has written for such ensembles/events as:trio kobayashi, thingNY, and The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

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Celestial Mechanics by Todd Lerew

Todd Lerew is a composer and instrument inventor, currently pursuing an MFA in Experimental Sound Composition at CalArts. His work deals with the physical properties of sound and the nature of perception, exploring the use of sound as a plastic medium, and revisiting our understanding of what sound is and how it operates.

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