Monday, July 15, 2013

Notations 6: Digennario and Carey

here is the sixth installment of Notations! Inspired by Cage's 1969 bookNotations is a collection of graphic scores, hand drawn music calligraphy, computer code, compositional sketches, text scores, and other innovative forms of musical notation.

Every Monday we'll showcase notation by two different composers, primarily focusing on those local to Los Angeles. This week's composers are Antony Digennario and Archie Carey.

All images used with permission, and copyright is retained by each image's respective creator. Click on the images to see a larger view.

fuckin weird ass piece by Antony Digennario

Antony Digennario is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, currently roaming the hills on the outskirts of the Los Angeles area. His songs and compositions draw from experiences and influences ranging from early Americana to techniques culled from the 20th/21st century experimental tradition. To date, he has released several albums as a soloist, leader and sideman as well as many scores for independent film.

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delusional harmony by Archie Carey

Archie Carey is a multi-instrumental performer/composer living in Southern California. Archie is interested in writing music that is not only meditative for the listener, but also for the performer, to create a communal sense of timelessness inside a performance space. In solo work and in collaboration with dance and film he has been experimenting with field recording, analog electronics, aspects of performance art and often times combinations of all three.

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