Sunday, May 5, 2013

MURAL at Baldwin Hills this afternoon!

sound. at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook features a new composition created for the Baldwill Hills Scenic Overlook by internationally recognized experimental duo MURAL (Jim Denley, Australia and Kim Myhr, Norway). Accompanying MURAL in realizing this new SASSAS commission are 8 Los Angeles area musicians including Matt Barbier, Ted Byrnes, Archie Carey, Claire Chenette, Daniel Corral, Jonah Levy, Heather Lockie, Jake Rosenzweig, and Greg Stuart (South Carolina).

This event is FREE and starts at 5:00PM

Street parking is available along Jefferson Blvd., but come prepared for a steep climb up the Overlook stairs. Limited parking is available at the top of the hill for $6.00. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

"The Baldwin Park Scenic Overlook is unique in the greater Los Angeles area and California State Park system. A historically complex site, the Overlook offers 360 degree views of the Los Angeles Basin as it resides at the juncture of industry and parkland / preserve. Adjacent to the location of the 1963 Baldwin Hills Dam break and just north of an active oil field, the park was the site of a decade long development battle which was successful in fending off a 230-home development, but failed to stop the flat topping of the hill. Parts of the park have been regraded and in certain ways the land still looks as though it's recovering from the earlier violence."(Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times).

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