Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DISLIKE tonight at the Electric Lodge

I am happy to announce that tonight, March 1, Dislike will premiere at the Electric Lodge in Venice! It is a free show starting at 9pm, and there will be a cash wine bar with all proceeds going to the fantastic musicians involved.

Reserve a spot to see/hear Dislike through Brown Paper Tickets!

Dislike exposes the dark side of online anonymity and open-forum communication by deconstructing 24-hours worth of comments on the most "disliked" video on YouTube. Members of The People’s Microphony Camerata will speak and sing a text taken from comments left on the video’s YouTube page. Taken as a singular libretto, the result is a surreal text full of of anger, naivety, homophobia, desperation, and mischief.

Dislike is my new piece featuring experimental accordion orchestra Free Reed Conspiracy and experimental choir The People's Microphony Camerata.

Meanwhile, members of Free Reed Conspiracy will create a post-ambient soundscape with 8 accordions.  In contrast to the extremity of the libretto, the musical accompaniment for Dislike is a lush, enveloping sonic world in which one can be simultaneously comforted and disturbed by the tenacity of the text. The result is a surprising blend of Brian Eno, Robert Ashley, and Raymond & Peter’s “Shut Up, Little Man.” Dislike is a 21st century operatic documentation of a unique repository for the darker emotions swirling around the internet.

It's FREE! The show starts at 9pm, but seats are first come, first serve, so come a little early.

Electric Lodge

Dislike is part of High Voltage, a new series at the Electric Lodge featuring premiere works by local LA artists. 

Reserve a spot to see/hear Dislike through Brown Paper Tickets!

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