Friday, January 25, 2013

Album Review: And the Madness That Followed...

And the Madness that Followed... is the new solo album by guitarist, improviser, and Tears of the Moosechaser songwriter Antony DiGennaro. It is an album steeped in crumpled Americana, all squeaky hinges and leaky roofs. 

The songs are full of slow motion, close-mic'd melancholia reminiscent of Sparklehorse's more morose moments, mixed with the burnt-to-a-crisp edges of Steve Von Till's solo work. These shellshocked ballads disintegrate into noisy improvised sections akin to the wide spectrum washes of The Swans.

Songs fade in and out again, like someone emerging from a thick, night-time fog. The result doesn't sound like a sonic effect, but feels like an organic extension of the entropic aural ecosystem set up by the songs.

Listen to it on Soundcloud, then buy it from CDBaby or Amazon

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