Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Music at Mimoda, Wed 10/07!

Tonight, come hear Maksim Velichkin premiere my solo cello piece, Diasporic Music #7: Identity, tonight at Mimoda! I'll also play a solo for accordion and laptop, and a whole slew of other composers! Concert begins at 8pm!

Concert featuring music of S. J. Pettersson, George N. Gianopoulos, Daniel Corral, A. Vivaldi, J.- B. de Boismortier, E. Lalo with performances by Daniel Corral, Peter Jacobson, Leo Chelyapov, Tae Yeon Lim, Rachel Mellis, Dimitry Olevsky, Yevgeny Milyavsky, Maksim Velichkin and Physical Theatre of Yasha Michelson 

MiMoDa Studio
5772 west pico blvd

Suggested donation-$10, students-$5, musicians who have
performed previously-free


G. N. Gianopoulos "November 1" from "Circadian Calendar" for solo cello world premiere

Maksim Velichkin-cello

D. Corral Diasporic Music #7: Identity for solo cello
world premiere

Maksim Velichkin-cello

D. Corral Solo for accordion and laptop

D. Corral-accordion and laptop

S. J. Pettersson "Diary of a Seducer"
"The Seducer"
world premiere

Rachel Mellis - flute, Leo Chelyapov - clarinet, Tae Yeon Lim - piano, Maksim Velichkin - cello

Physical Theatre of Yasha Michelson


Cello duos by A. Vivaldi, J.-B. de Boismortier and D. Popper

Peter Jacobson-cello, Maksim Velichkin-cello

E. Lalo Symphonie Espagnole
1. Allegro non troppo

Dimitry Olevsky-violin
Yevgeny Milyavsky-piano

presented by Maksim Velichkin and Yasha Michelson of Mimoda Studio

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