Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Archie and Odeya @ The Hammer, Thursday Night

Thursday night at the Hammer MuseumArchie Carey and Odeya Nini will perform works composed for themselves and for each other, solo and together, in three parts. This concert presents the voice and bassoon as individual instruments and as musical partners.

Solo Voice
A Solo Voice begins an exploration of extended vocal techniques and song that finds its own logic of communication via expressions of body, emotion and thought.

Voice and the Bassoon 
A series of compositions intertwining these two qualities of sound in dialogue. At times inseparable and at times vastly diverging, both instruments find harmony in texture, points of commonality, and aberrant ways.

Bassoon Solo
A sonic expedition offering new creative possibilities from the bassoon, as a character and as a tool for realized imagination.

Music begins at 6pm! Presented as part of wild up's residency at the Hammer Museum.

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