Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time Out For Funds

If you haven't heard, the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com expects to provide more funding to the arts this year than the National Endowment for the Arts. In her rebuttal to TPM, NEA spokesperson Victoria Hutton didn't really dispute that claim.

A lot of artists I know are using Kickstarter or Indiegogo right now to raise money for projects. Check out the following videos and give them money!

1. TEENAGE WASTELAND OF THE ARTS is a Los Angeles artist collective for teens aged 14-19. It's directed by Lee Lynch and Thorbjorg Jonsdottir.

"Our current project is a two night gallery show at Human Resources scheduled for May 18th and 19th, consisting of work made by the teen artists in the collective. As well as the gallery show, we are planning to release a DVD catalouge with work by members of the collective, including work from the show."

2. INDEPENDENT SHAKESPEARE COMPANY gives free performances of Shakespeare in LA's Griffith Park throughout the summer.

"Last year over 25,000 people attended the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival. No mean feat for an organization that up until last year was run from the garage of company founders David Melville and Melissa Chalsma! The surge in attendance is certainly welcome but it comes with challenges (when you have nearly 2,000 people in the audience they all need to hear, for example)."

3. THEORY OF HAPPINESS is a film by Gregory Gan, with a soundtrack by composer Marc Sabat.

"Deep in the Ukrainian countryside, a group of people are trying to discover happiness through mathematical formulas. Will they succeed, or do dreams of utopia inevitably turn into a veritable nightmare?"

4. STAR  is one of seventeen plays that make up Erik Ehn’s Soulographie. It is being presented by Katie Shook, Eric Lindley, and Sibyl O'Malley.

"With original music and puppetry, Star conjures the hallucinatory visions of a jazz singer working at a Kansas City Starbucks and bent toward revenge. Insidious cultural and economic appropriations—smooth jazz and Salvadorian/Guatemalan/Rwandan coffee beans—permeate an atmosphere flitting with caffeine fairies, poisoned dogs, and the vague foreboding of consequence."

5. THE ACCIDENTAL INSIGHT OF SEBASTIAN KRAINE  is a piece by Dominik Krzanowski, a self-taught magical craftsman and theatrical story-teller.

"Our hero, Mr. Kraine, a recluse but imaginative watch maker adrift in fantasy is forced from passivity to agency by a force he can’t see or understand. The fantastical story is told in a series of mystical vignettes employing Dominik’s years of magical experience and craftsmanship. Watch as Mr. Kraine struggles to understand the unknown and unseen forces at work in his life.


Gregory Gan said...

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for promoting the film, "The Theory of Happiness," amongst other very worthy projects!

I'm sad to see a lot of funding slashed from cultural institutions, not to mention a few letters that inevitably start with "Unfortunately... but our resources have been very much limited this year."

In any case, I'm grateful we have these avenues to continue making our work, and folks like you that are willing to lend a helping hand.

Gregory Gan

Unknown said...

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