Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Week in LA Music

It is that time of year when every concert you've been dying to see will happen on the same night at the exact same time. The regular music season is coming to a close, and most musicians are storing up for the dry spell that is summertime. My weekend will be spent playing in Crescent City, but here are some awesome concerts that are all happening this week:

TUESDAY, 05/22

Gnarwhallaby will perform at the Velaslavasay Panorama at 8pm as part of MicroFest. The group consists of trombonist Matt Barbier, cellist Derek Stein, clarinetist Brian Walsh, and pianist Richard Valitutto.


Malabomba at La Cita starts at 9pm! Somehow, I've never been able to actually make it to one of the Malabomba Gypsy music/dance parties. I get excited to go every time, but by some strange fluke I always have a conflict and can't be there... they have a great lineup of bands!


This is the last weekend to see Crescent City! I wrote about it in my last post. The show runs Thursday through Sunday at 8pm every night.

FRIDAY, 05/25

Will Salmon presents a show of improvised music at the Glendale Moose Lodge at 8pm. Insuu Bunkai will perform, as well as a trio of Trevor Andries, Tony Digennaro, and Will Salmon himself. Will has been fostering improvised music and interdisciplinary collaborations for a long time, through Open Gate Theater at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts. He recently started doing shows at the Moose Lodge as well.


Betalevel doesn't seem to put on many concerts these days, but when they do they are always interesting. At 8:30 you'll hear experimental electronic sounds by John Weise, Wyatt Penn Keusch & Scott Kazan, and RALE & Casey Anderson.
Southwest Chamber Music will play the final concert of their LA International New Music Festival. This one features premieres of pieces by Gabriela Ortiz, Tôn Thât Tiêt, Alexandra du Bois, and Vu Nhat Tân

SUNDAY, 05/27

Closing night of Crescent City. Last chance!


gloomycomrade said...

Well you know, may be one day we will be booked at the Malabomba event, and then we can actually check it out! :)...I will be missing the MicroFest, unfortunately...

Unknown said...

Well, maybe you'll show up for Crescent City then. Wear a pink dress