Friday, March 23, 2012

Tes Elations

Cellist Chris Votek recently sent me info about his current band, Tes Elations. Despite the fact that he left my group Timur & The Dime Museum for them (ahem), I still like them a lot.

Tes Elations consists of singer Barrie Rose, guitarist Alex Noice, drummer Andrew Lessman, and dueling cellists Isaac Takeuchi and Chris Votek. The basslessness of the ensemble seems odd at first glance, with the potential for mid-range muddiness, but the tasteful arrangements keep the sound clean and interesting.

In their song Autumn, I hear the influence of Godspeed You! Black EmperorSigur Ros, or other similar groups that I consider the kinder, gentler children of Neurosis. They've got the the downtempo groove, post-post-minimal riffs, and gradual sense of building. The build is much subtler with Tes Elations, however, maybe due to the more acoustic instrumentation. Here's the video for that song:

The other songs on their Reverbnation page are more moody, upfront, and engaging - sometimes reminding me of My Brightest DiamondVoodoo Economics, or 90's rock band Salt. But with more cellos, of course. If songs like "Visceral" are an indication of the direction Tes Elation's going, than I think they're heading for good things. I'm looking forward to hearing some of it live. I hear they have an album coming out soon, too...

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