Friday, January 27, 2012

Who's Hungry - Santa Monica

This weekend and next I'll be playing accordion, toy piano, and percussion in Who's Hungry - Santa Monica, a puppet piece by Dan Hurlin and Dan Froot at Highways Performance Space. I saw the previous installment in the series, which took place in West Hollywood about 3 years ago, and I'm excited to be a part of this one! Come down and see it - here's TICKET INFO

The music was written by Seattle native Amy Denio, a mixture of Americana nostalgia, Eastern European time signatures, and vintage L.A. punk energy. It will be performed by her, Mike Flanagan, and myself. Last weekend I convinced these two wonderful musicians to join me at the Accordion Babes Revue at Fais Do Do as the Amy Denio Trio, and I'm so glad they decided to do it! The puppeteers are Sheetal Gandhi, Darius Mannino, Rachael Lincoln, and Zach Tolchinsky

From the Highways website:
"This installment in the series tells the oral histories of five very different homeless and hungry Santa Monicans, through five 15- to 20-minute segments, woven together much as a chef weaves a succession of flavors into a cohesive multi-course meal. Overall, the project incorporates a range of puppetry styles in order to give each of the five stories its own aesthetic treatment. Presented on a specially built 24-foot dinner table, the audience views the action from one side, as if they are banquet guests. Incorporated into the evening are Delft china, Matchbox cars, televisions, rod puppets, as well as puppets inspired by Japanese Bunraku, and much more."

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