Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eclipse Quartet on Feb. 4 @ LACMA

I wish I could go! I will be performing in Who's Hungry - Santa Monica, as I mentioned in my last post.

The Eclipse Quartet will perform music by Ruth Crawford Seger and Meredith Monk in the Bing Theater as part of LACMA's In Wonderland exhibit.

Ruth Crawford Seeger might be best known as the progenitor of both Pete Seeger and dissonant counterpoint with her husband Charles Seeger. After being inundated with children (OK, and a lot of other things), she worked with Alan Lomax collecting, transcribing, and arranging American folk songs. I really like her music, particularly her earlier, more dissonant music.

I've never heard any non-vocal music by Meredith Monk, so I assume that the quartet will be joined by their guest, Perla Batalla, for the Monk music on the program. They will also perform a commissioned piece by Ms. Batalla for voice and quartet. What I want to know is: when are they going to commission ME to write something for them?

Last year the Eclipse Quartet performed Morton Feldman's Piano and String Quartet with pianist Vicki Ray, first at Zipper Hall and later at Royal-T. I was sad that I couldn't make the Zipper Hall show, but was soon soothed by the announcement of the performance at Royal-T. I would say a performance like that is best heard in a more intimate setting, so I won in the end. It was a wonderful performance - "spellbinding" as I believe the LA Times review said repeatedly.

If you weren't able to get a ticket for the sold out Who's Hungry - Santa Monica, here's a plan for a perfect evening:

Who's Hungry - Santa Monica just added a 5pm show on the 4th, so you can get a ticket for that and still make it to the Eclipse Quartet show later at LACMA!

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