Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Accordion Babes Revue LA

Jan 21, this Saturday night, all of your favorite accordion-tinted LA bands will swarm at Fais Do Do for the Accordion Babes Revue!

The evening is brought about by Renee de la Prade's Accordion Babes Pinup Calendar. If you don't know, the Accordion Babes Pinup Calendar is exactly what it sounds like: a cool calendar of great female accordionists posing with their instruments. You can pick one up at the show when you come!

The last time Mrs. Hobbs (of Ketchup Soup, also Miss January in the 2012 calendar) organized an Accordion Babes Revue at Fais Do Do, only bands with women accordionists performed - as well as Dorian Wood in a fabulous wig and dress.

This time there is a whole mess of great bands with both male and female accordionists. I'll be busting some 1930's Russian tangos with Timur & The Dime Museum, and jamming with The Amy Denio Trio later. Accordionists Renee de la Prade and Amber Lee Baker will be coming down from SF, sharing the stage with the following LA bands:

• Timur & The Dime Museum: Dark glam opera, profiled in LA Weekly's Best Of People Issue 2011 
• Dorian Wood: Avant-garde troubadour
• AK & Her Kalashnikovs: International — Opa!
• Seeing Thingz: Rock-gypsy-experimental-punk-funk
• Salt Petal: The Smiths meet Os Mutantes in a dark alley in Buenos
• The Shpil: A cosmopolitan klezmer quintet
• Cat Hair Ensemble: Dada Cosmopolitan
• Demonite Na Khaosa: Bulgarian vocal & accordion harmonic
• princessFrank & the Killsisters: Accordion & drumming
• Rattlesnake Charm School: Old-Time Revival, Sea Shanties, Murder
• Two-Bit Opera: 1 bit, 2 bit…Cabaret!
• Count Smokula: 496 year old Smokesylvanian musical
• Danny Kopel: Blues
• Amy Denio's Trio: Experimental

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gloomycomrade said...

Well, Daniel, I am just THRILLED to know that you'll be playing with yet another band that night! ;)

Unknown said...

I won't be the only one, I can tell you that.