Monday, December 19, 2011

Entering Blogosphere!

This is the beginning of Auscultations, a blog about music!

I'll be posting videos, music, articles, etc. that I find interesting and hope others might as well. I'll occasionally put in my own rants or promos, too, but don't worry - I promise not to go overboard.

To start things off right, here's some Louis Andriessen! His Symfonie voor Loss Snaren (Symphonie for Open Strings) is for a 12-person ensemble of scordatura (retuned) strings.


Grant said...

La commedia รจ di partenza! Welcome to the blogger confraternity! Thanks for starting with Andriessen, and for retuning out expectations!

Garrett343 said...

I comment. Turn pink, from tickles.

Unknown said...

Whoo! the hue of my flesh transforms, this is me, right now: